The Ghost
Bunker Bunker Crafting Hour is a freeze-frame into an imagined fantasy of a fictional individual. The event is unclear, even to myself as the creator. It is important to note the bunker is not a physical location. It is an illustration of a frame of mind. While it alludes to a bunker, the bunker is also a mind locked down in its beliefs and unwilling to let new or opposing information enter. This character (The Ghost), to me, is both understandable in an academic sense and unknowable on an emotional level.
I understand how a belief pattern can take hold but do not necessarily empathize with the hatred that accompanies flawed thinking. The Ghost must remain ideologically grey because to give him a concrete ideology would be to purport said ideology. Critiquing something by showing it runs the risk of decontextualization. Rape scenes in films end up on pornographic websites. Violent characters intended to be critiques or flawed are adopted as power fantasy by segments of viewership. To give The Ghost a real-world ideology and formulate the exhibition space in line with it would be to endorse it.