Fascism and adjacent ideologies, in particular, are very adept at appropriating external symbols into itself. Its insidiousness comes, in part, from its ability to convert innocuous symbols and cultural touchstones into markers of hate.For this reason, the show does not contain anything indicative of the markings of real-world hate symbols or slogans. There is an argument for the act of reappropriating something back or acknowledging the source. I would argue, however, it is nearly impossible to do so completely because that connotative taint will remain. Additionally, often these arguments distract from other issues. Wasting the opposition’s time is the point.
Within the space, the appropriation available illustrates how easily this decontextualization can occur. For example, text pieces display the United Kingdom suffrage movement slogan deeds not words. It's insidiousness changes depending on who is utilizing it. In that realm, nothing within the space is wholly original. While I fabricated everything, the items are in direct reference to something else.